Environmental Policy

Corporate commitment

As a responsible corporate citizen, ACP, the manufacturer of Aspect, is dedicated to protecting human health, natural resources, and the global environment. This commitment extends beyond compliance with the law to encompass integration of sound environmental practices into our business decisions. ACP/Aspect will supply products that promote sustainability. This includes supplying products that are low-emitting, contain recycled material, require low-energy to produce, and are easily maintained. All of ACP/Aspect ’s products are 100% end-of-life recyclable. Here is a full statement about Aspect’s environmental philosophy, including LEED credits.

Sustainability accomplishments

  • Building reuse
  • Manufacturing Waste Management – 99% of manufacturing waste is recycled
  • Recycled content – up to 60%, depending on product
  • Regional materials
  • Some rapidly renewable materials
  • Low-emitting adhesives and sealants
  • Low-emitting, water-based paints and coatings
  • Low-emitting materials
  • Low-emitting, water-based inks
  • Our manufacturing facilities continuously pursue methods to reduce operating emissions
  • Recycle all waste material
  • Use the safest raw materials with the least environmental impact
  • Our total reduction in waste since 2006 is approximately 67%
  • Resource Management Program tracks raw materials, scrap, waste products, energy and water usage
  • Manufacturing facilities are inspected by the required governmental agencies
  • Audited by third parties as part of the ISO 4001 and OHSA 18001 requirements
  • Recycling programs include wood, aluminum, plastic, paper, oils and solvents