Aspect Stone Sealers and Impregnators

Aspect Stone Sealers and Impregnators

As with all natural stone products, there is some inherent risk of staining. Stone sealers or impregnators can provide protection against stains. Using stone impregnators or sealers is not required. They will both provide protection from staining, but can alter the appearance of our stone tiles. There are two main types of stone sealers: impregnators and sealers/enhancers. Impregnators penetrate the stone and protect from within by filling all pores and cavities with a protectant. Impregnators retain the natural appearance of the stone as much as possible. Impregnators, such as Miracle Sealants® 511 Impregnator (and similar products), offer moderate stain protection. Follow manufacturer’s directions. Stone sealers/enhancers are a durable coating that bonds to the surface of the stone. These products slightly darken the stone color, look wet and have a gloss finish. Sealers/Enhancers, such as Miracle Sealants® 1-Step Natural Stone Sealer and Color Enhancer (and similar products), provide a high level of stain protection. Follow manufacturer’s directions. Below are examples of each of our Aspect Stone tiles in an untreated, raw state, with an impregnator, and with a sealer/enhancer.

Charcoal Slate

charcoal-slate-rawRaw Stone
charcoal-slate-impregnatorStone with Impregnator
charcoal-slate-sealerStone with Sealer

Weathered Quartz

weathered-quartz-rawRaw Stone
weathered-quartz-impregnatorStone with Impregnator
weathered-quartz-sealerStone with Sealer

Medley Slate

medley-slate-rawRaw Stone
medley-slate-impregnatorStone with Impregnator
medley-slate-sealerStone with Sealer

Autumn Sandstone

autumn-sandstone-rawRaw Stone
autumn-sandstone-impregnatorStone with Impregnator
autumn-sandstone-sealerStone with Sealer

Golden Sandstone

golden-sandstone-rawRaw Stone
golden-sandstone-impregnatorStone with Impregnator
golden-sandstone-sealerStone with Sealer

Iron Slate

iron-slate-rawRaw Stone
iron-slate-impregnatorStone with Impregnator
iron-slate-sealerStone with Sealer

Mossy Quartz

mossy-quartz-rawRaw Stone
mossy-quartz-impregnatorStone with Impregnator
mossy-quartz-sealerStone with Sealer

Tarnished Quartz

tarnished-quartz-rawRaw Stone
tarnished-quartz-impregnatorStone with Impregnator
tarnished-quartz-sealerStone with Sealer

Frosted Quartz

frosted-quartz-rawRaw Stone
frosted-quartz-impregnatorStone with Impregnator
frosted-quartz-sealerStone with Sealer