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Installation Instructions

These peel and stick backsplash tiles couldn’t be easier to install. Unlike traditional metal or glass tiles, with Aspect there’s no grout, glue or adhesive needed. You can peel the backing off the tiles and stick them to whatever surface you want. Okay, there’s a bit of surface prep that might be needed, but basically that’s how it works.

Installing Aspect tiles is an easy project that will give your space a modern shine and make your neighbors jealous. Below is a quick overview of the installation process. We recommend before beginning your project that you read the full Installations Guides below.

Simplified Installation Instruction

Plan – There are many tile patterns, from basket-weave to herringbone to stack bond. Choose the design that best fits your style and decor.

Lay out & measure – Measure the area to be covered. Lay out the entire project on a flat surface, like a table or the floor before installing the tiles to be sure you have enough tiles and your design is correct. Using a chalk line, create at least one vertical and one horizontal reference line to guide tile placement.

Install Tiles – With proper preparation you can just peel and stick the tiles in place.

For additional information on substrate preparation in a water-prone area, see the Aspect FAQ’s.